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Admin news
Published on 25-11-2021


I have travelled on the 19th where i really could not login to admin panel till tody, Many tickets and withdraw requests are pending.

Now i can acsess it and will do my best to answer tickets and send payments. 


Opening a ticket regarding pending payments will not be replied. time frame is up to 15 days due to many accounts are opened by cheaters.


Thank you for understanding, Best regards!

Topic regarding Multi-accounts and Auto clicker
Published on 17-11-2021

Our system has detected tons of cheaters using auto clicker and multiple accounts on my both sites, azobux and altcoinclix. 

I did pay some cheaters by mistake but it is alright I know how much it mean to them.

I was being nice and unsuspended many accounts the problem is (THEY still use auto-softwares.) I decided now to NOT unsuspend any account got caught cheating. SUSPENSION FOREVER and balances will be deleted.

 I want to mention that payouts will be made carefully and slowly as well till we define who is honest and who is not.


Best Regards!

Recent News
Published on 20-09-2021

Hello azobux members,

The reinvestment rule for upgraded users has been Removed permanently.

We have made a maximum withdraw for investors where you can withdraw up to 130%.

Here are examples below:

When a member deposit a $1000, will be eligible to withdraw up to $1300 in Total.
When a member deposit $100, will be eligible to withdraw up to $130 in Total.

Whenever you reach the maximum withdraw, You will be notified and you just need to make a new deposit with the same benefit. 


Also, we have updated the payments term, is as follows:

Payments will be sent every Friday after server time 00.00

Good luck and Best Regards!

Altcoinclix is Online Now
Published on 19-07-2021


After trying to get    altcoinclix   online back and we finally did. Now you can earn in our second site altcoinclix by clicking ads & completing tasks.

Azobux and altcoinclix is our 2 only PTC sites. We dont own other sites.

Register/Sign in:   ALTCOINCLIX   

Best Regards!

June PTP contest Ended and JULY contest started!
Published on 01-07-2021

Hello azobux members,

Our PTP Contest of Jun-1-2021 has been ended and the winners has received the Prizes. Congrats :)

A new PTP CONTEST has been started today July-01-2021 and it ends July-31-2021


  Simply, promote your referral link and earn prizes, Everyone can practice. 

Best of luck and kind regards!

Server update finished
Published on 28-09-2020


As our site has been growing in the past few months, We are moving to a new server in the next 4 hours.

We will let you know when exactly the work will be done. Azobux won't be down for a long time, it should be only a few hours.  -> FINISHED


AzoBux 1 Year Old Birthday Soon
Published on 13-11-2018


AzoBux is going to be 1 year old on December 28th

We want to thank you all for supporting us. looking forward for many more long years in business. 


Best Regards! is now
Published on 09-04-2018

Due to issues with old hosting and low quality of service, has been changed from AZOBUX.COM to AZOBUX.NET. 

The good news is, our script is upgraded legaly using a lifetime lisence that we purchased from evolutionscript with ALL ADDONS.  Please, bookmark the site and you can use your current login details.

Best Regards!

Hello and Welcome to AzoBux
Published on 31-12-2017


We are happy to let you all know that Azobux has been officially started business. Our intention is to stay online forever. 

Azobux company is well funded and we believe in ourselves to succeed in providing you with the best services and support you need or want with a stable payments.  

You can create an account for free and start earning money.  You'll get $0.50 in your PB as sign up Bonus. We welcome all of you. 

Read Terms of Use  .   Read FAQs


Enjoy your stay!