About Orders . Published on 16-12-2018

Hello dear members,

We want you to know that all orders must be approved by us. so if you order rented referrals, ptc ad etc.. you must wait till we review the order. so now you know please dont open a ticket or complain unless it takes more than 24 hours after you order you are welcome to contact us. 

Kind regards.

About Posting Payment Proof.. Published on 14-12-2018

Hello dear members;

This is for the members that got paid but they never posted the proof on our forum. So from now on if you get paid and dont post your payment proof, we will hold it till you post the previous one . 


Rented referrals Published on 13-12-2018

Dear members

If you order rented referrals please allow some time. because there is members ordered before you, and when your turn comes we will give you your order. thanks. 

Payments Published on 10-12-2018

Hello dear members,

All payments will be sent on the 15th of December. Thanks for understanding. 

Rented Referrals are not available. Published on 06-12-2018

Hello members,

We would like you to know that there are no rented referrals available at the moment, if you ordered please wait, because we have a lot of orders and when your turn comes we will assign the rented referrals for you.


Do i need to invest at Azobux to withdraw? Published on 04-12-2018
Do i need to invest at Azobux to withdraw? 

NO. work fairly, dont cheat and we will pay you for the work you do. 
AzoBux New Unique Look Published on 02-12-2018
Dear Members,
AzoBux has a new unique look now, do you like it? hope so. Good news now is that you can complete offers and surveys from your cell phone and increase your revenue. Azobux is mobile friendly now. 
Hi dear members Published on 02-12-2018

we are changing theme. excpect minor errors. thanks

SOLID TRUST PAY Published on 30-11-2018

Dear members, we have been telling to add your solidtrust pay username  on your account at Azobux not email. or send us your username  ( solidtrust pay) when you request your payment by opening a ticket.

we keep getting requests with email. its their policy and we cannot send money by email on solidtrust pay. We must follow their rules. so please read the news and forum info at least 1 time in 3 days to see if there is any changes or updates. to avoid mis understanding.  

Thank you very much! 

Important News about Cheaters and Hackers Published on 27-11-2018

Dear members,

After almost 1 year since we launched AzoBux. We faced all kinds of bad behaviors such as cheaters and spammers. We have suspended and blocked over 5000 accounts of cheaters that open multiple accounts and they dont want to earn fairly. After we suspended the  cheaters they trying to make us look as a scammer website which we aren't. We really don't care about what cheaters are saying about us. We have paid more Users multiple times through the year.

Also, we have been seeing that some users do not add their payment proof. (As it is required). However, now if you receive your payment kindly post the proof on our forum. If you do not post your proof on the forum we have the right to hold your payment request. until you post previous payment that you have received from AzoBux.

We treat everyone with respect and equal. We never asked anyone to pay us to join our services nor asked anyone to upgrade to get paid. If you are standard member you are treated as upgraded members, all are equal. we never limit your activities to get paid. just be honest and do not cheat and we will pay you for the work you do. but we are not getting anything good in return. not all users. We have an amazing users we love them . because they follow rules and never tried to cheat. They post payment proofs without us asking. They know what to do. 

we got a attacked from the cheaters that we suspended before and trying hack into our system. We tell you this: IF YOU WANT TO HACK US YOU MUST WORK HARD. WE HAVE BEEN PREPARED TO FIGHT CHEATERS AND HACKERS. YES WE DO NOT LIKE CHEATERS AND HACKERS, THEY ARE LOSERS.

Thank you for understanding

Admin !