Quiz & Survey Time
Published on 24-05-2019


If you are willing to do Quiz or/and Survey time offers, Please save the name of the offer you did before you start for incase you dont get credited so it will be easier for you to help you get your credit.

You dont like our system?
Published on 22-05-2019

Most of whom complains about cash out points rule i think are auto click users, people that uses bots. This is the only way to trap cheaters and stop them from their ugly autoclick thing. See? few bad people made earning for good people harder. We got to do what we have to do since money does not come out of thin air and in order to be stable and pay on time as we always do. we just need your support just as much as you need.

So if you dont like us ... Simply stop using our service.

Do you have pending payment?
Published on 09-05-2019

If anyone have a pending payment for more than 10 days, Please check your email, We contacted you because we want to ask you a few questions which you'll find in the email sent to you. Please check your email if you have pending payment if you want it to be processed. 

PTCWall is working fine now
Published on 08-05-2019

We want you to know that ptcwall is not working recently. we dont know why. also we were thinking to remove it due they dont have too many ads to earn from. 

We will let you know once we decide what's gonna happen. 


MoreTvTime is under maintenance
Published on 08-05-2019

MoreTvTime is under maintenance and they will be back shortly just keep checking from time to time. 

Hi dear members
Published on 07-05-2019

I would like to let you know about emails we use to contact you with.

We currently only send you emails through our email : admin(@)azobux.NET OR support(@)azobux.NET. and if we change the email we will let you know before. 

If you receive any emails from azobux.COM or azo_bux com just ignore it it is not from us. 

Skrill Fees
Published on 03-05-2019

Hi, We want you know about why Skrill's fees are a bit high.

We pay Skrill when we add funds to our account, they take a fee. and when we pay you we pay almost $1 fee. So we know its a bit high but it is really beyond our hands. It happened for Skrill fees to be high. But it is the 1s best choice and best alternative of paypal.  

Thank you for understanding. 

Again...VPN Use
Published on 30-04-2019

We have recently posted about using vpn/proxy on our site. But there is some users still using it.

All attempts to log in with VPN will be logged. what we do if your username got flagged using VPN? We will make your balance $0 when you request your payment.

If you use it and we set your balance to $0 and possibly suspension, dont start shouting we can use your logs against you. so please dont use vpn.

Does all members need cashout points?
Published on 29-04-2019

Does all members need cashout points?

No, Upgraded members wether monthly or yearly do not need cashout points and they withdraw weekly. 

New Offerwall
Published on 25-04-2019

We are happy to let you know that we added a new offerwall. It is very profitable. Earn everyday just completing surveys, install apps, play games etc...!

Check the wall: http://www.azobux.net/ayetstudios.php

Do you promote but no credit?
Published on 21-04-2019

Hi dear members;

If you promote our site using PTP link but you dont get credited. Here is why?

  • You might promoted yor link on PTP sites, Rotators, Traffic Exchanges, Auto surfs or any website that has similar features!
  • You might used iframes, cloak the links, fake referrers or use VPN/Proxies to send visits.
  • If you doubt the source you want to use, ask support to verify first.

Consult to ptp rules for more info: http://www.azobux.net/ptp_promote.php

Sharing Payment Proof Nightmare!!
Published on 20-04-2019

So, you got paid but you dont want to post payment proof? That's OK. We will act like you and see where it goes. with all due respect to members whom post proofs without asking them and thanks for the support.

If you dont post payment proof we will not pay you unless you upload old one. Again. its like im writing to Trees. not to human being...

New Offerwalls
Published on 10-04-2019

Hi dear users,
We have added Opinion SurveysSkippy Ads and MoreTvTime offerwalls, So you can earn more than before. 

Check them out: 


New Small Promotion
Published on 09-04-2019
Deposit $3.00 and get free 1 Direct referral + 3 Rented referrals + 200 PTC ADS Credit.

Deposit $5.00 and get free 1 Direct referral + 5 Rented referrals + 200 PTP Credit.

Deposit $10.00 and get free 1 Direct referral + 5 Rented referrals + 3500 BANNER ADS Credit + 100 YouTube views for 1 video from your channel. 

Our referrals are very active. If they dont click we will refund you and give you $1.00 extra. 

MoreTVTime Officially added to AzoBux
Published on 09-04-2019

Dear members,

We officially added MoreTvTime offerwall. You can earn $0.001 every 60 seconds and you can practice on the wall anytime and you can complete watching videos daily without limits. Offers can be found in the following link: https://moretvtime.com

See how it work in this short video: https://youtu.be/mKTJQ0UZeE0?t=2