The TOP 2 Winners of Last 7 Days Referrals Contest. Published on 18-10-2018

We Pay You For Surfing On Traffic Exchange . Published on 18-10-2018

 Hi dear members, We would love to let you all know that we pay you for surfing sites on Traffic Exchange. Below are your earning when you surf 60 site a day:

     when you click 7 Clicks - You earn $0.0005 Cash balance + 7 Points (Daily)

     when you click 15 Clicks - You earn 10 Points + 10 Points (Daily)

     when you click 20 Clicks - You earn $0.0125 Cash balance + 20 Point (Daily)

     when you click 40 Clicks -  you earn $0.0215 Click - You earn $0.0215 Cash balance + 40  Point (Daily)

     when you click 60 Clicks -  You earn $0.2000 Cash balance  + 60 Point (Daily)

- Total of Traffic Exchange daily earning when visiting 60 Site (10 Seconds time each site) : $0.2245 and 70 Point Daily.

So, Visit 60 site daily you will earn $0.2245 and 70 Point Daily .

Note: We may change the bonus anytime. Please, if you want more information contact us anytime. Thanks!


Payments Published on 17-10-2018

Hello dear members, we are currently paying users, so if you requested your payment already, please allow some time. there are more users that requested before you. so please understand and keep in your mind, you gonna get paid sooner or later. 

Thanks for understanding.

New Points Contest Published on 14-10-2018

Dear members

We have launched a new Points Contest today (10-14-2018). check prizes here:

Payments are being processed Published on 13-10-2018

Hello dear friends

We would love to let you know that we are currently processing payments. You will get yours soon (if you requested). Thankyou.

Dear PTSU advertisers Published on 11-10-2018

Hello,  This article is regarding PTSU offers. Please wether Approve or Reject user's job applications when you receive completed job notification by the applicant. and also, please treat applicants fairly. If we get complaints about you rejecting completed jobs as you wanted from our users we will remove your Ad. also, we need you to treat applicants/users fairly when they dont cheat. we care about our users as much as we care about you. 

Thank you!

Now we accept : Neteller and Skrill Published on 09-10-2018

Hi dear members,

We are still working hard for you to get a fantastic service with azobux. Today, We have added NETELLER and SKRILL. so it gives you way to add funds if use them. 

It is easy to deposit manually:

1 - Send the amount you want to our Neteller or Skrill.

2 - Send us your Username and Transaction ID. by opening a ticket. then we will add the funds to your account after we review the information you sent us. 

That is all. 

Earn $0.0010 Per playing few seconds each game. Published on 08-10-2018

Hi dear members,

we have posted a video shows you exactly how to earn money by playing game at Azobux. Take few moment and watch it, it is short video. 

click to watch now:


NEW REFERRALS CONTEST. ENDS IN 7 DAYS Published on 07-10-2018

Hi dear members, 

We have launched a new referrals contest. for only 7 days. check prizes here:

Ends: in 7 Days.

This user " FccXcardPho " is out of Referrals contest Published on 06-10-2018

Hi dear members, we would you to know that this user " FccXcardPho " is out of the contest. Reason: Not logged in for long time. 

So, he was close to win but he did not!!  So now take advantage and take his place.