You can do this
Published on 19-02-2019

Hi guys,

Kindly we ask you to do some offerwalls otherwise we will be forced to reduce the click rate to $0.0001,  instead of $0.001, $0.0020 etc..! and we may limit Ads view to 10 Ads only for standard users. sorry but we have to do this. we will do it in the next 48 hours if we dont get some clicks on offers. ( IF WE REDUCE THE CLICK RATE AND SET LIMIT AD VIEW TO 10 ADS A DAY ONLY,  DO NOT OPEN A TICKET ABOUT IT )

Best regards!

PTP Program Tutorial
Published on 18-02-2019

Please watch this video about PTP Program: 

Important !!!!
Published on 14-02-2019

Unfortuately, Some users again dont post their payment proof. Keep in mind that you will not receive any payment again if you dont post the payment proof. and if you keep doing this we may suspend you, because you are not following our rules. then if we suspend you, you will call us scam. right? so why not follow rules and no problems will happen? 


New Viewing Ads System
Published on 14-02-2019

Please watch this short video to know more how the viewing ads new system works: 

View Ads Captcha
Published on 13-02-2019

Dear members,

If you go to see Ads  you may have to do the following:

1 - Enter captcha

2 - Refresh the Page 

That is it, you will enter the page successfully 

Hi dear members
Published on 12-02-2019

Our website had an issue in the last 24 hours. Some features were broken and was not function well. As you see offers table has reseted due the issue also Referrals contest has been cancelled and will relaunch it again. As well as bonus ad.  

Now the site is working fine, we apolojize for what happened. Thanks!

New Deposit Promotion
Published on 11-02-2019
We have launched a promotion for deposits so you will get a lot of benefit from it. 

- Deposit $6.00 to $10.00 GET 2 Rented Referrals + %3 in PB + 2000 PTC AD credit.

- Deposit $15.00 to $20.00 GET 5 Rented Referrals + %4 in PB + 3000 PTC Ad credit. 

- Deposit $30.00 to $40.00 GET 15 Rented referrals + %5 in PB + 25000 PTC Ad credit 

- Deposit $60.00 to $70.00 GET + 25 Rented referrals + %7 in PB + 15000 Traffic Exchange Credit 
and 60 Days Emerald Membership FREE. 

All bonuses will be added manually after your deposit, Normally it takes few hours.
Why my Payment refunded?
Published on 10-02-2019

Have you requested payment but we refunded it ?

Here is why:

You might used VPN/PROXY or you Caught cheating.

You did not post the previous payment proof we paid you. 

X - The above reasons are not acceptable. 

Bitcoin Payments
Published on 10-02-2019

Dear members,

We want to inform you that our Bitcoin wallet has been blocked for awhile which it has our BTC funds . we will let you know soon if we keep using bitcoin or not. 

Thanks for understanding!

We are processing payments
Published on 09-02-2019

Hi everyone,

If you requested your payment please allow few hours, we are processing payments and when it is your turn you will recieve it . please dont forget to support us by sharing the payment proof. many thanks!


NO Requirements for Payouts
Published on 08-02-2019

Dear members,

After thinking for a while we have decided to remove the rule of the payments. So now you can earn in any service you want and get paid without any requirements. No offerwalls rules and no bonus ads rules. It is up to you if you do offers or not it is for your benefit anyways. 

We know that it is not good to force anyone to do work without their will. so enjoy earning with us now with NO rules.

PTP Program has been added to AzoBux
Published on 05-02-2019

Hi dear members,

We are happy to let you know that we have added a new option of earning, We added PTP Program where you can earn by surfing sites and/or promoting your PTP link on other places. 

Please read where you can share your link and if you are confused or not sure you can always ask us about the source of the traffic you want to send visits to your link.


Happy earnings!

You can see all Ads Now
Published on 05-02-2019

Hello dear members,

We have removed Ad view limit so now you can see all displayed ads with no limit. 

Click Value
Published on 04-02-2019

Hi dear members,

We would like you to know that we lowered click value temporary. We will set it up higher again in a few days. 

I know you can understand. so please undesrtand and we promise all will be fine soon. 

Payment Proofs
Published on 03-02-2019

Hello everyone,

We have been paying and on time all the time, but some  users dont care to post their payment proof. 

So we are serious now, if you get paid and you dont post  the proof we will mark your account ( this user did not post payment proof ) so when you request your next payment you have to forget it untill you post your last payment proof. we feel noone cares. therefore we are tight in this decision now.