Advertise your Website on our AzoGrid
Advertise your website or affiliate links on our AzoGrid game for a low prices! Your links will receive a huge amount of real visitors during your advertisement period. Also, you can get a lot of referrals as well.

  • Minimum 15 seconds exposure time after the site fully loads
  • Helpful and very good way to increase traffic to your site at very low cost
  • Guaranteed daily unique visits

Advertising on AzoGrid is easy, to Advertise on AzoGrid, simply click on ''Advertise on AzoGrid'' and then select on the box below your days and click on the ''BUY NOW'' button. After submitting your URL you'll wait for approval, usually we process it and approve within few hours and sometimes in few minutes after purchase. Once approved, it will start rotating immediately on AzoGrid. During this period you will be allowed to change your link only once, to do so, please contact us to change your link.

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