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Great deposit bonuses
Published on 19-01-2020

Hi dear members, we are offering a deposit bonus for a short period. check it out:

Deposit $5. receive %3 extra + 20 Rented referrals 

Deposit $10. receive %4 extra + 30 Rented referrals + 5 Direct referrals 

Deposit $15. receive %5 extra + 50 rented referrals +7 direct referrals + 25000 ptc credit

Deposit $100. receive %7 extra + 30 days Amature membership + 70 rented referrals + 10 direct referrals 


Best Regards!

Minute Staff Issue
Published on 12-01-2020


Minutestaff offerwall having an issue in their end. For now, don't click because you don't get credited.  we will let you know when they fix their problem.

Best regards!

Turn $30 into $100+ Monthly Income
Published on 05-01-2020

Hi there,

It just came to mind to write this, Tips how to make money with us starting from $30. I mean you'll turn the $30 into more than a $100 monthly income NET! without going deep. just a simple way to understand.

Step 1: Add $30 to your account

Step 2: Buy Amateur membership $9.99/month and rent up to 100 referral= $16.

Now you have to focus on your project. As you see, you'll have still $2 in your purchase balance. you will need to use them to extend/recycle refs, etc. later. It is preferred that you may enable the autopay option, extend your referrals time with discounts we offer. as well as recycling. Therefore you always make sure you transfer funds to purchase balance to do this.

Always click the required number of ads in order to get a commission from your referrals tomorrow. We pay upgraded users $0.01 & $0.005 per own click and $0.002-$0.01 per referral click.

Now let's calculate our work:

We give you as an Upgraded member 12 ads and daily regular ads ($0.001 AND $0.0005 per click, so click as many ads as you can.

So, you will have 8 ads with a value of $0.01 per click and 4 ads $0.005 per click.

8x0.01= $0.80

4x0.005= $0.020

Result: You made almost $1 so far in 1 day only from 12 clicks.

As we said before, you rented 100 referrals with $18, After you clicked your ads now check your referrals stats. Let say all your 100 rented referrals clicked. and each one clicked 8 clicks. $0.002 per click. total of 80 clicks.

80x0.002=0.16 = You have earned $0.16 from rented referrals in 1 day.

Your total earning in 1 day: $1.16

Don't withdraw yet! wait (focus on referrals autopay, extension fees). you may need to transfer money from the main to purchase balance.

If you want to achieve $100-$120 a month keep using this method all the time. Month by month. then, you will see that what I'm telling you now is right!

Note: it may take you some time to adjust and withdraw regularly.  after you build downlines in a few weeks you'll see your hard work's result.

Hint: keep rotating the $30 by renting refs, the refs you have the more money you'll get.  

Attention please, dear members!
Published on 01-01-2020

Hi dear members,

Read about how to avoid phishing sites!

Make sure to log in to this link:

again, our website link is WWW.AZOBUX.NET . 

We also own (it's offline as it is same content). but our official site's link is

Kind Regards!

A New Bonus for Purchasing Credit
Published on 31-12-2019


Now, when you purchase PTC visits you'll get the extra same number of visits for FREE!

Example: If you purchase "1000" Ptc visits, you will get "2000" visits in total! (Or Any amount)

The credit you buy will be used on PTC ads of course and the extra bonus visits will come from our AdBonus system. where there are more visitors and that may benefit you well. 

Best Regards!

Azobux 2nd year online anniversary PROMO
Published on 23-12-2019


December/27/2017, It is the day when we launched Azobux. For that here is great bonuses:

Deposit $5 and receive %2 extra + 5 Rented Referrals

Deposit $10 and receive %3 extra + 15 Rented referrals + 2 Direct Referrals

Deposit $20 and receive %4 extra + 20 Rented referrals + 5 Direct referrals + 20000 banner ad credit

Deposit $50 and receive %5 extra + 30 rented referrals +10 direct referrals + 25000 ptc credit

Deposit $150 and receive %7 extra + 100 rented referrals + 10 direct referrals + 30 days Amature membership + 5000 ptc credit + 50000 banner ad credit

Best Regards!

Jungleofferwall payout is set very high
Published on 04-12-2019


We have raised up the payout rate on Jungleofferwall (moretvtime) up to $0.035 every 4 minutes you spend on the offers. 

Check offerwall by clicking the following link:

Best Regards!

Offerwallads error
Published on 02-12-2019

Today, we had an error on offerwallads, which credited users more than it supposed to. Some users who participate on the wall have their earnings doubled when finishing offer due to the error. example: offer worth $0.30. it gave $70. is this normal? 

However, we apologize for this. we have given to 2432 members the real amount that they should get on offerwallads.

Thank you!

Azobux 2nd year anniversary coming up soon
Published on 25-11-2019

We are happy to announce that our website azobux 2nd year anniversary is coming up next month. WOW, 2 years already. We would like to thank all the legit members that supported us and still supporting us. without you, maybe we wouldn't be here right now. thanks to all, advertisers or earners.   

We will give huge discounts for that just keep an eye on forum and news to be able to see when we post.

All the best!

Adlinkads Click Value is set higher
Published on 23-11-2019


We have set bonus ads click value to $0.001. and up to 20 ad a day.

Best regards!

Take advantage of our Black Friday offer (expired)
Published on 22-11-2019

Black Friday is just around the corner and almost here, Take advantage of our Black Friday offer.

- Upgrade = %25 off for all memberships

- Deposit = You'll receive %10 for your deposit and 5 free rented referrals for each 5$ you deposit

- Buy ads = Get 1500 free credit for each campaign you create  (expired)

Best Regards!

We have paid surveys for all countries
Published on 06-11-2019


We have now surveys for almost all countries and with its language. 

We will give you $0.25 extra for every completed survey by you.

Check surveys here:


AdLinkAds Contest Winners
Published on 03-11-2019


we have given the prizes of the AdlinkAds Contest winners.

Placing ads issue
Published on 12-10-2019

Placing ads issues have been solved. everything should work fine.

Pending payments more than 10 days
Published on 09-10-2019


We usually pay our users within 24 hours.  but, if you requested your payment and you did not receive it within 10 days, check your email also make sure to reply to our email ASAP. you may look in Junk, Spam folders in your email account. due to many fraud and cheating going on, we have to check some accounts before sending any payout. in order to protect everyone!

(some people hate us, we are sorry! we chose our site's safety than your love. we have to make rules and it does not matter how many and it has to be applied! sorry we are not a donation service but we can help you if you really are in need)  Don't expect to get paid when you cheat but expect us to pay you in time when you don't cheat.