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General Fast Guide
Published on 26-01-2021


Here are a summury of the information you need to know about our service.

  - I made a deposit but my account did not loaded? Sometimes it might take few hours in certain payment gateways to process the transaction.

   If you deposit and you dont see funds, Contact Admin via support ticket!

  - How can you earn money at azobux?  check how: View...faq

  - When will i get paid? Check here: View...faq

  - Do i need to invest to use azobux? No. But, for security you only need to deposit $2 one-time after you recieve your first payment, 

    and then, you will not be asked to deposit again. Get unlimited withdrawls.

  - How to earn cashout points? you can collect them on offerwalls and bonus ad.

  - Can i use VPN/PROXY? No, Doing so, will lead to a fast suspension.

  - Can i use 2 accounts? No. doing so, will lead to losing your account.

  - How to keep my Rented referrals click? Simply, Click ads daily and Enable Autopay option. 

  - Why sometimes i dont find my beloved processor? Means, It is unavailable for few days and it will be back, Check later.

  - How long i wait for my payment to arrive? Noramally, 1-3 days. May take up to 10-15 days wait.

   Support will be offline on Saturdays, Sundays, Local and International Holidays!

   Tickets will be answered within 48 - 96 hours.

   More information will help you a lot: View...terms

    Enjoy your stay! Keep safe 


Inactive accounts more than 30 days will be deleted
Published on 19-11-2020


I have made a change about inactive members. It is as follows:

If a member do not log in for more than 30 days, their account will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored. all referrals and everything will reset to 0 .. $0.00.

  If you are going somewhere or you will be busy, all what you need to do is to contact me and tell me ( you will be offline and give me time when you come back so i save your account). If i dont receive a prior notice, I wont be able to keep the inactive accounts on azobux. as it only make our site slow. 

In this case, Let say you want to work with us, you can open a new account. 

Best Regards!

Our 3rd Project Is Online Now
Published on 19-10-2020


I am happy to let you know that i launched my 3rd website NEXGENHITS.COM. It will be launched officially on the 20th of October. 

You can create an account and start earning. It is a promising good project.

Best Regards!

We are moving to a new server ( finished )
Published on 28-09-2020


As our site has been growing in the past few months, We are moving to a new server in the next 4 hours.

We will let you know when exactly the work will be done. Azobux won't be down for a long time, it should be only a few hours. FINISHED


AzoBux 1 Year Old Birthday Soon
Published on 13-11-2018


AzoBux is going to be 1 year old on December 28th

we want to thank all members that has been working with us and supported us during our business beginning. 


Best Regards! is now
Published on 09-04-2018

Due to issues with old hosting and low quality of service, has been changed from AZOBUX.COM to AZOBUX.NET. 

The good news is, our script is upgraded legaly using a lifetime lisence that we purchased from evolutionscript WITH ALL ADDONS.  Please, bookmark the site and you can use your current login details.

Best Regards!

Hello and Welcome to AzoBux
Published on 31-12-2017


We are happy to let you all know that Azobux has been officially started business. Our intention is to stay online forever. 

Azobux company is well funded and we believe in ourselves to succeed in providing you with the best services and support you need or want with a stable payments.  

You can create an account for free and start earning money.  You'll get $0.50 in your PB as sign up Bonus. We welcome all of you. 

Read Terms of Use  .   Read FAQs


Enjoy your stay! 

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