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We have paid surveys for all countries
Published on 06-11-2019


We have now surveys for almost all countries and with its language. 

We will give you $0.25 extra for every completed survey by you.

Check surveys here:


AdLinkAds Contest Winners
Published on 03-11-2019


we have given the prizes of the AdlinkAds Contest winners.

Placing ads issue
Published on 12-10-2019

Placing ads issues have been solved. everything should work fine.

Pending payments more than 10 days
Published on 09-10-2019


We usually pay our users within 24 hours.  but, if you requested your payment and you did not receive it within 10 days, check your email also make sure to reply to our email ASAP. you may look in Junk, Spam folders in your email account. due to many fraud and cheating going on, we have to check some accounts before sending any payout. in order to protect everyone!

(some people hate us, we are sorry! we chose our site's safety than your love. we have to make rules and it does not matter how many and it has to be applied! sorry we are not a donation service but we can help you if you really are in need)  Don't expect to get paid when you cheat but expect us to pay you in time when you don't cheat.


Deposit Promo with great bonuses - ended
Published on 30-09-2019

- Deposit $5 GET  %2 extra + 15 RENTED REFERRALS + 1000 PTC Ad Credit FREE
- Deposit $10 GET %3 extra + 30 RENTED REFERRALS + 2000 PTC Ad Credit FREE
- Deposit $20 GET %5 extra + 50 RENTED REFERRALS + 3000 PTC Ad Credit FREE

We will stop this manually. so take advantage!

Earn Unlimited Money on Unlimited quizzes
Published on 26-09-2019

Hi guys,

remember that you can earn bitcoin doing Quizzes every 1 minute. You can do it repeatedly.

How does it work?

- Click this link:, select Desktop Offer if you are using a computer. and, Mobile/Tablet if you are using Tablet or phone.

- Add your bitcoin address. Take short fun voting quizzes. Takes ~1 minute. Unlimited quizzes!

- Start earning money: LET'S BEGIN EARNING NOW

Azobux team!

Complete surveys and earn an extra $0.50 bonus!
Published on 25-09-2019


Complete surveys and earn an extra $0.50 bonus!

We will give you $0.50 for each survey you finished successfully. Wannads, Adscendmedia, OfferToro they pay high.

For example, You completed 5 surveys today, we will give you $2.50 extra in your main balance. 

Countries Update
Published on 24-09-2019


Our security team notified us to block the country of Iran. and therefore, We want the good Iranian existing users to contact me to see what we can do.

If you are from Vietnam Please deposit an amount of $3 ONCE ONLY and you'll get 10 free rented referrals as a thank you in order to receive payments. Then you will not have to deposit.  This is just to prove you are coming to make money with us fairly. 

This rule started today!

Payment Processor Update
Published on 23-09-2019

Hi all,

We would like to inform all of you that we are no longer paying with Perfect Money and skrill due to the recent high fees!

In the meantime, we've added AirTM. It has great features. if you want to open an account see below:

Click here -> AirTM . Signup and verify your account. then when we pay you using AirTM, you will be able to exchange your funds between payment processors, like Paypal, Neteller, Perfect Money, etc..! AirTM supports almost all payment processors.  Click to Register at AirTM  

After you register, you will receive a $1.00 for free when you join AirTM and You will be able to cash out to Paypal or fund your AirTM account with Paypal and 200+  processors. Register and earn $1 free using the following link - Click Here  

Available payment processors, we have at the moment: AirTM, Payeer, Solidtrust Pay. I think we will add some reliable other payments processor systems in the near future.

Kind Regards!

Quick Promo
Published on 19-09-2019
Accounts Security monthly reminder
Published on 19-09-2019


Hackers (losers) are all over the web seeking for any chance to hack into somebody's account, email, etc. This happens with big companies, not just PTC sites. We are in a cold war against them since we started the business. 

Therefore, We ask you to pick a strong password and different than other sites and change it monthly.  

Tips to find out if your account has been accessed by the hacker:

  • Check your Logs and IPs. Look on LOGS in your account summary. If you see suspicious logs from IP you don't recognize you may take immediate action by changing your password and REPORT THAT IP TO US! 
  • Check your balances, If you see funds are missing do the same thing. (change password)
  • Check Ads Panel, if you see a campaign you did not create, report it and do the same thing. 
  • Check your Email, Payment methods IDs, If you find ID not belong to you report it and do the same thing (change password).

Remember, Your account's security is your responsibility. NOT OURS. But we will protect you the best we can. 

Best Regards!


Bonus ad Instruction
Published on 17-09-2019


If you click bonus ad and takes long to process, Reload the page, click the same ad and you will be switched to another URL shortener automatically as an alternative. 

you don't need to be stuck watching popups and waiting for the timer, then you blame us. 

Creating Ad Issue (FIXED)
Published on 12-09-2019

Hi, Issue has been fixed today!

We are having trouble with Adding New Ad. when you see invalid request after. 

If you want to advertise, PTC, banner, etc... purchase credit and send me your ad detail.

Ad type, Ad name, Ad link, and credit. It should be working again soon!

Azobux is in 20 Top Legit Ptc Sites
Published on 10-09-2019


We are very happy that Azobux is ranked with the 20 Legit PTC sites worldwide.

Looking forward to being in top 5. YES. We promise!!!

Why my payment still pending?
Published on 06-09-2019


Why your payment still pending more than 7 days? 

We just need a little extra info from you.  we always contact users about pending payments but most of them don't reply and they blame us later.

Please check your email and find our sent email and reply if you have a pending payment for more than 7 days. remember? the faster you reply the faster we release your payment.

Best Regards!