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Server Switch
Published on 01-08-2020


Now, The site is working fine. We finally fixed and updated our system. I reset the ads for 1 more day to recover the 1-day clicks. Also, we will process payments shortly. As we still have minor issues to fix.

NOTE: Don't get frustrated if you face a minor issue, just keep trying, or, close the page and check later.

Also, I am taking a rest for the weekend. I will be back on Monday! 

Best Regards!

End of The Drama
Published on 23-07-2020


We have solved the hassle of Pakistan and India and Bangladesh countries. They are not blocked but if you are from India or Pakistan and don't upgrade, you will not be able to withdraw so, follow the rules. 


India, Pakistan and Bangladesh Must Deposit in order to get paid!
Published on 16-07-2020


Hello Great Members,

We are announcing about Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh countries. People from these countries must upgrade or deposit to use our services. However, more people are signing up from those countries and not making deposits. keep in mind if you don't deposit or upgrade, you will not get paid.

We have decided to NOT block PAKISTAN, INDIA, AND BANGLADESH Countries at this time.


Winners of Bonus Ads
Published on 02-07-2020



The bonus ad contest has ended and here are the winner's list: 


CONGRATULATIONS! Prizes have been added.

Great Job Everyone. 

Important Members
Published on 01-07-2020

Hello Loyal Members,

I want to tell you that I will not be very active for at least 2 weeks. Tickets will be answered, Payments will be sent as well but, a bit slower than normal.

Just allow me some time. I'm really in a lot of pain from my teeth. If anything changes there will be a update. 

Best Regards!


Standard Members DONT need to deposit in order to withdraw
Published on 02-06-2020


Standard Members DONT need to deposit in order to withdraw. 

Want to stay a free Member without a deposit? 

You can, All you need is to collect 1500 Cashout Points. Cashout points can be collected from Offerwalls and bonus ads.

Also, You can withdraw via Perfect Money anytime. I don't care if it is verified or not. you can get your payments via PM easily. 


Promote us and earn money without investment.

Earn Free RR and Points
Published on 31-05-2020

Hello dear members,

You can earn rented referrals + points when you post proof of payment and give us feedback here:   1 RR + 50 points  1 RR + 50 point 1 RR + 50 point,3.0.html 1 RR + 50 point 1 RR + 50 points


Only the newest payments should be posted there. no duplicate posts.

ROI Will NOT Be Applied
Published on 26-05-2020

Hello Dear Members, 

I am letting you know that ROI rule will NOT be applied at azobux at the moment.

Reinvestment of 40% rule remains.

Thank you,
Best Regards!

Maintenance Today
Published on 24-05-2020

Hello dear members,

There is upcoming regular maintenance that will make our sites offline from 15 min to 30 min only, then sites will be back online.

Thank you!

None Verified Perfect Money Accounts Matter
Published on 19-05-2020

Hello dear members,

We have refunded a few payments requested via Perfect Money because None of those accounts are verified. you can request it again via another processor. 

To avoid any confusion please refer to this topic:

Keep Safe!

Admin is Off Sunday and Monday
Published on 17-05-2020

Hello dear members,

I will be offline on Sunday and Monday because of a holiday in our country. Support and payments will be processed on Tuesday. 

Please, if you face an issue open 1 support ticket.  and if you face a critical issue contact us via our Facebook page. also, Moderators are here to help you in the forum. (no need to contact about payments as I already said will process on Tuesday) 

Best Regards!

Our 3 Projects
Published on 14-05-2020

Hello dear members, 

I would like all of you to know all our projects that we own:





Any other sites claim that's mine are FAKE and trick. don't fall in cheaters traps who try to ruin my business.

Message to the moderator of ptc section of foxyrating fakealert: STOP BEING AN MISLEADER AND STOP LYING, DONT MAKE SITES THAT I DONT OWN BELONG TO ME. IDIOT!.




Published on 13-05-2020

Hello dear members,

We apologize for not letting you know that AirTM was and is unavailable.

it will be available as soon as possible.


Best Regards!

PTSU matter
Published on 07-05-2020

Dear members,

Currently, there is a high complaint about rejecting/approving PTSU offers. 

If you have an advertisement on PTSU, please accept or reject applicant's work fast. don't let members wait. Otherwise, your credit will be unhooked from your account if you dont pay valid job completed by users. 

As earner earn fairly and as advertiser be fair!

Thank you!

Maintenance will take place on Wednesday
Published on 27-04-2020

we want to inform you about an upcoming maintenance date in data centre.

The maintenance will take place on Wednesday, 29th April 2020, at 05:30 am UTC+2

The maintenance will require a short interruption of the Internet uplink, we expect an offtime of less than 15 minutes. The unavailability will only affect the Internet connection, server will keep running throughout the maintenance and will be available immediately after we have completed the maintenance.

Best Regards!

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