Now you can add Avatar to Forum
Published on 19-01-2019

Hi dear users,

We have fixed the issue of Forum Avatar, so now you can add your avatar on forum without problem. 

Site is working now
Published on 18-01-2019

Dear members,

We have finished our update and now AzoBux is live and working. thanks for understanding!

We are performing a routine maintenance
Published on 18-01-2019

Dear members,

We are performing a routine maintenance in the next few minutes. So the site will be under mainetnance for few hours.


PTCWall is working fine now
Published on 18-01-2019

Hi dear members,

In the LAST few days PTCWALL had an issue. we all see when we click ads ( INVALID COUNTRY ). Now it should be working fine as usual. so actually all sites had the same issue error at PTCWALL. 

Sorry for any inconvenience

Get extra cash in Offerwalls and Bonus Ads -
Published on 15-01-2019

Hi dear members,

We would like to give you a chance to increase your revenue with an easy way.


You will earn %15 for each $1 You make on offerwalls.

You will earn % 8 for each $1 you earn on bonus ads.

Take advantage and get more cash! 

Get free referrals -
Published on 13-01-2019

Hi, we are launching short promo today its as follows:
- Deposit $5.00 you will get 3 direct referrals
- Deposit $10.00 you will get 5 direct referrals

Ends: january- 20 -19

New referrals contest
Published on 13-01-2019

Dear members,

We have launched a referrals contest for 30 days. check prizes :

Why Skrill Fees High -
Published on 09-01-2019

Hello dear members,

Skrill charges us $1.00 for each payment we send, For example: If we send you $5.00 we will pay $1.00 as fee. so we will pay $6 in total. and let say if we paid 10 members each $5.00 in 1 day we will pay in total $60.00. (it should be $50). 

We advise users that they prefer to get paid by Skrill to widthraw only when you have amount higher than $3.00 otherwise you will not get much. 

Its out of our control. Thanks for understanding!


We need your support -
Published on 06-01-2019

Hell dear members,

We need your support, Please we kindly asking you to support us by posting payments proof here :

We will reward you $0.05 for doing it. After you post your payment proof please let us know. Thanks very much! 

Why my payment request refunded? -
Published on 02-01-2019

If you get your payment request refunded it's because of one the following reasons:

1 - You might did not complete withdrawl reqirments.

2-  You might requested your payment with Skrill lower than $2. we cannot send payment lower than $2 to skrill due high fees.

3- You might not added the correct ID of your payment processor.  for example:  payeer you must include P. e,g. P6xxxx not 6xxxxx. or perfect money you must include U. e,g. U4XXXX. NOT 4XXXXX. Solid trust pay you must add your username not email . 

So, please follow instructions to avoid any delay on your payment.