Multiple Accounts
Published on 17-03-2019

Hi, as some users may be create 2 or 4 accounts which it is not allowed. They may not get caught right away but BELIEVE US we will find out sooner or later. You also may get paid by us. but guess what? You only worth that amount we gave you. 

Last month multi accounts detected: 40. What happened to those cheaters? Just got banned.

Do we have proof of cheating? Absolutely dear. tons of proofs.

Do we save the proofs? Yes. in case you try to shout and act as a victim we will face you with the truth.

What should i do if i get caught cheating and my account was suspended? Nothing. Just seat down and think in what you have done if was right or not.

What about if cheater tells us they did not open multi accounts and try to get the account back? in this case, we will give the proofs of you cheating and we request from you to prove you are not guilty. 

Please work fairly with us and if you try to cheat be ready for surprises. 

Support and Tickets
Published on 14-03-2019

Hi dear members,

We want you to know that Support will be slow , for no more than 4 days. 

If you have any order, deposit, withdraw, or anything allow some time. you can write a ticket to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thanks for understanding!

We have reduced cashout points
Published on 14-03-2019

We have reduced cashout points to 1200 only. You guys can collect cashout points easily. do offers and bonus ads. i know it seems hard but in reality it is not. 
- Each click on Offers gives you 1 cashout point
- Each click on Bonus Ad gives you 5 cashout points. 

Best Regards!

You dont need cashout points all times
Published on 12-03-2019

Hello everyone,

We would like you to know that you only need cashout points for your first cashout. After your first payment you can withdraw when you reach $2.  and no need for cashout points!


What happens if i use same IP of other user?
Published on 10-03-2019

If you use the same IP of other user,  that IP will be suspended by our system. 2 accounts from same IP normally used to cheat.

Can i reactivate my suspened Account that uses  same IP? 

No. that IP will be blacklisted and never be used again. 

What happens if you log in from different IP to get more cashout points from Minutestaff?
Published on 10-03-2019

Do you know what will happen if you log in from different IP and try to collect more cashout points on Minutestaff?


Adscendmedia Videos
Published on 10-03-2019

We would like you to know about Adscendmedia Videos.
Adscendmedia has a limited countries to serve their videos to. Some countries cannot see their videos displayed on their offerwall, it is their policy. Not us. Currently they allow videos only for a few countries not all the world. Feel not fair? Ask them and they will tell you. We really want all the countries to access the videos section but it is out of our control. 

Best Regards!

Referrals Commission
Published on 08-03-2019

We have fixed RR and We pay %100 Referrals Commission now. 

Did you do tasks on clixwall or offerwall etc...?
Published on 08-03-2019

Did you do tasks on clixwall but you did not get paid?

let me explain something, If you do any task on Azobux directly we are responsible for it. ( tasks you see on PTSU and offerwalls that show your earning ) . But for example CLIXWALL  , OFFERS4ALL , MYADSWALL, MYADWALL  are out of our control WHEN IT COMES TO TASKS. we only can fix clicks credit and make sure everyone get credited after clicking ads on their walls. You may contact them if you do any work there. 

Before engaging in task, make sure you write down task's ID and TITLE , so if something goes wrong you have the proof to provide them and they will pay you. 

Keep in mind you are not alone. we always here to help you!

Need to collect Cashout Points fast?
Published on 07-03-2019

Hi, we know all or at least some people thinking to get cashout points is hard.

I give you an option to try:

Adscendmedia : I f you watch 3 videos you will earn : $0.0100 + 100 Cashout Points. 

Take advantage now and withraw as earn today and withdraw at the same day. 

Hi dear members
Published on 07-03-2019

I just want you to know that you can advertise your YouTube Channel Videos. Which you will gain views and make your channel has more hours of watching to get youtube ads so you will earn money. try it and you will see the great benefit of it. 

Best Regards!

Hi dear members
Published on 06-03-2019

We are fixing rented referrals issue. so if you ordered some referrals please allow some time, Once the issue being fixed we will assign your referrals. 


We have added high paying surveys wall
Published on 05-03-2019

Dear members,

Do you like surveys ? want to earn more cash on them? We have added a new Survey and Offers service.

How it works? Just create your profile with correct information and enjoy earning . it is that easy. You can visit the wall by clicking the following link:

Offerwalls Contest
Published on 05-03-2019

Dear members,
We just launched a offers contest.

1- gets %5 extra cash to main balance 
2- gets %4 extra cash to main balance 
3- gets %3 extra cash to main balance 
4- gets %2 extra cash to main balance
5- gets %1 extra cash to main balance

contest ends on March- 01-2019

Earn on Traffic Exchange
Published on 04-03-2019

Dear members,  Now you can earn by viewing sites on Traffic Exchange. Visit 25 site and earn $0.02 Cash balance Daily.