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Published on 19-09-2019
Accounts Security monthly reminder
Published on 19-09-2019


Hackers (losers) are all over the web seeking for any chance to hack into somebody's account, email, etc. This happens with big companies, not just PTC sites. We are in a cold war against them since we started the business. 

Therefore, We ask you to pick a strong password and different than other sites and change it monthly.  

Tips to find out if your account has been accessed by the hacker:

  • Check your Logs and IPs. Look on LOGS in your account summary. If you see suspicious logs from IP you don't recognize you may take immediate action by changing your password and REPORT THAT IP TO US! 
  • Check your balances, If you see funds are missing do the same thing. (change password)
  • Check Ads Panel, if you see a campaign you did not create, report it and do the same thing. 
  • Check your Email, Payment methods IDs, If you find ID not belong to you report it and do the same thing (change password).

Remember, Your account's security is your responsibility. NOT OURS. But we will protect you the best we can. 

Best Regards!


Bonus ad Instruction
Published on 17-09-2019


If you click bonus ad and takes long to process, Reload the page, click the same ad and you will be switched to another URL shortener automatically as an alternative. 

you don't need to be stuck watching popups and waiting for the timer, then you blame us. 

Payment Processor Update
Published on 13-09-2019

Hi all,

We would like to inform all of you that we are no longer paying with Payeer and Perfect Money due to the recent high fees and scamming us!!

We usually fund our PM and Payeer accounts using the bank system and the fees are very high. Actually, We lose a lot of money when funding our accounts. Imagine if we want to fund our PM account, we need to pay fees up to $150 - $200

We also buy funds quickly sometimes. Example: We buy $500 and we pay %30 extra plus covering the fees.  the big problem is we end up being scammed by the exchanger. Not anymore, we really cannot take this.  Therefore, we decided today to keep only AirTM, SolidTrustPay, and Skrill. Means,  no Perfect Money or Payeer payments anymore. Please, Don't contact us about getting paid with PM or Payeer, we will not respond.

What you should do if you like to work with us forever?

You only need to open an account on AirTM and verify it. then when we pay you using AirTM, you will be able to exchange your funds between payment processors, like Paypal, Neteller, Perfect Money, etc..! AirTM supports almost all payment processors.  Click to Register at AirTM  

After you register, you will receive a $1.00 for free when you join AirTM and You will be able to cash out to Paypal or fund your AirTM account with Paypal and 200+  processors. Register and earn $1 free using the following link - Click Here  

NOTE: There are some Advertisers uses Payeer and perfect money to purchase ads at Azobux.  we have enabled them for anyone who wants to deposit using Payeer and perfect money. (no withdrawals)

Kind Regards!

Creating Ad Issue (FIXED)
Published on 12-09-2019

Hi, Issue has been fixed today!

We are having trouble with Adding New Ad. when you see invalid request after. 

If you want to advertise, PTC, banner, etc... purchase credit and send me your ad detail.

Ad type, Ad name, Ad link, and credit. It should be working again soon!

Azobux is in 20 Top Legit Ptc Sites
Published on 09-09-2019


We are very happy that Azobux is ranked with the 20 Legit PTC sites worldwide.

Looking forward to being in top 5. YES. We promise!!!

Why my payment still pending?
Published on 06-09-2019


Why your payment still pending more than 7 days? 

We just need a little extra info from you.  we always contact users about pending payments but most of them don't reply and they blame us later.

Please check your email and find our sent email and reply if you have a pending payment for more than 7 days. remember? the faster you reply the faster we release your payment.

Best Regards!

You want to use paypal on Azobux?
Published on 31-08-2019


As all of you knows that we added AirTM payment processor to Azobux,  AirTM is a very great service to transfer and save money fast. You can even earn from your referrals. 

Many people use paypal and/or Bitcoin as the first payment they accept only.  Most likely they only use sites that pays with paypal which is a loss for PTC users. But not anymore, You want all funds in your PayPal?

Okay, All you need to do is accept payments from other gateways like skrill, perfect money, etc..! and then transfer all funds from them to PayPal. you will pay a very small fee. 

You may sign up Here => AirTM, When you get verified you can transfer all your funds from your other payment gateways. for example skrill, Payeer.

How to transfer funds from Payeer or any other payment methods to your paypal?

Log in HERE,  Seek the best deal, And do the process.  You will be able to transfer money even from the moon to your paypal. Besides, It is great service. 

Collect more money now!

What do we offer besides PTC Ads?
Published on 24-08-2019

Hi, we provide many ways for earning. I know most users just like to click. but they don't know that they can earn more with other services. 

E.g. Offerwalls pays a very good rate, You'll get full help and get paid regularly.  Good payouts in surveys, watching videos and do fun quizzes, Play games,  Do mini-jobs on PTSU Offers. Browse the services, bookmark them so, when you log in daily you start earning right away. It is our advice only. you can practice in any service you like.

The above option is good for users to earn more money in a short time and /or when we don't have PTC Ads available.  

Best regards! 

Security Reminder
Published on 22-08-2019


Secure your account with a very strong password, Don't use the same password you use on other PTC sites. The best option is to change it every month. 


We "Azobux" don't take any responsibility for this. But, we assure your data is very safe with us. 

PTP removal notice
Published on 21-08-2019


We posted a while ago about disabling PTP (PAID TO PROMOTE). We also asked you if you are a promoter to remove your link from other sites.

Because you will not earn anything. 

We are keeping ptp surf only as of the other way for users to earn.

Important News
Published on 20-08-2019

Hi all,

In the last few days, we had a big issue that caused us some problems, Such as RR lost, PB funds missing, etc...!

We do assume that The main balances never decreased or deleted. But, If you find anything missing in your account, send us a support ticket and we will review your account. if we found what you claimed is really missing we will add it back to your account.

(don't be angry 'Cause most sites don't do this option).

NOTE: If you send a ticket and lying about anything, we will suspend you for 10 days. We have everything recorded so please be honest as we are.


We deeply apologize for any inconvenience

We are moving to a new server
Published on 15-08-2019


As our site has been growing in the past few months, We are moving to a new server in the next 4 hours. We will let you know when exactly the job will be done.

Azobux won't be down for a long time it should be only a few hours.


Website Maintenance
Published on 13-08-2019

We are going to perform a routine Maintenance today. It will only take up to 12 hours maximum.
August 14.  -5 GMT.

Skrill Withdrawal
Published on 12-08-2019

Remember that the standard users can withdraw in Skrill but the payout is limited. As a Standard user, you can only request $3 from skrill. 

We deeply apologize for this. We really have to do it. But, we may change this sometime later.